Our Story

Walk In Love Tanzania was founded in 2012 by Aubree McClelland Packard. Aubree has a long history of work in the area caring for vulnerable children in Tanzania. Aubree has worked in several of orphanages in the Arusha area. Through this work she realized that there was a gap in the services needed for vulnerable children and families in the area.  Walk In Love Tanzania was founded in response to the need she saw to provide assistance to families of at-risk children. Her goal was family unification and community development.  Through the services of Walk In Love Tanzania, she addressed some basic barriers to family unity, including safe, affordable childcare, education and employment. In 2017, Aubree was joined by Matthew and Kelly Erdman. Matthew and Kelly moved from central Texas to Arusha, Tanzania in 2013 to work as the on-site directors of a local orphanage for children ages 0-6 years. After four years of working with the orphanage and seeing how many of the children were there because of obstacles to family reunification, the Erdmans decided to change the focus of their ministry to family based care. The Erdmans realized that what was desperately needed was a program to provide the resources to overcome the barriers to family unity and outreach to prevent children from being institutionalized in the first place. They dreamed of a project where childcare, family strengthening, education and advocacy could all be incorporated to care for not only vulnerable children, but the entire family unit. Partnering with Walk In Love Tanzania was the perfect fit. With their combined experience and passion, Aubree and the Erdmans plan to bring the framework of family based care to the communities of the Arusha area.