We are excited to announce the launch of our Volunteer Program.

Come and join us from Mid-March 2019!

Arusha is a fairly large City in Northern Tanzania, close to the border of Kenya. This location means that it is the gateway to many of the breathtaking National Parks like The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, and just a flight or bus away from the beautiful island of Zanzibar. In Arusha, you are surrounded by hills and coffee plantations one minute, and the bustling streets of the towns and villages the next. It is a Developing Country, therefore the majority of its’ Citizens are living day to day facing the challenges of Poverty. However, this has created a Country full of courageous, grounded and motivated individuals with huge, welcoming hearts and a wonderful, infectious passion for music and singing.
We are looking for individuals who are ready for an adventure. We want Volunteers who see themselves as committed, motivated, easy going, open to experience, enthusiastic, fun and trustworthy to come and join our team in Tanzania. As a Volunteer, you will be joining a well functioning group of staff who hold the aim of Walk In Love Tanzania close to them every day –
‘Working together to empower women, families and communities by offering innovative assistance programs that help families overcome the obstacles faced in the attempt to stay together.’
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We would be lying if we said that the work will be easy. We would also be lying if we said your presence as a Volunteer will ‘save lives.’ Each day will be full of sights, stories and challenges which may force you to see the world in a different way. However, each day will also be full of laughter, music, FUN, stories of hope, children (lots of them!), problem solving and a whole lot of love and learning. We are not accepting Volunteers to fuel the ‘Volunteerism’ business; we are a fully functioning NGO and are only accepting a maximum of 3 Volunteers at a time. We are looking for your skills and enthusiasm!
Your time will be spent assisting staff between our two projects – Maisha Matters and the Daycares. We are particularly looking for individuals with a background or current career in Business, Medical or Childcare/Teaching. Your skills and teaching to us and our Tanzanian staff will be invaluable! Those with trades skills (building, painting, fixing etc) are also very welcome!
If you don’t possess these skills but you have a big heart, are ready for an adventure, would like to join a ‘family’ with a progressive view on how to best fight the challenges of poverty and are ready to explore the natural wonders of Tanzania, then email Aubree and Lucy at walkinlovevolunteers@gmail.com and we will send you over our Volunteer Information Pack. We look forward to welcoming you to Tanzania!
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