Maisha Matters – Arusha

Maisha Matters empowers Tanzanian families to care for their children.

We give initial life-saving support that will permanently allow them to move themselves out of poverty.

**Walk in Love has partnered with Forever Angels to bring Maisha Matters to Arusha.
All photos are property of Forever Angels in Mwanza and were taken during their Maisha Matters programs**

What is Maisha Matters?

To meet our Maisha Matters families and read their stories, head to the Maisha Matters Blog by clicking here.

What we do

Our goal is empowerment and sustainability.

We take 50 families, each with an at-risk baby, through a yearlong project to empower them to care for their own children and to live independently.

We start with a malnourished infant who has no lactating mother and who is at risk of malnutrition and death – and we end with an empowered, self-supporting family.

Here’s how.





We start with the most immediate need, by providing life saving formula milk to the severely malnourished baby who has not received the nutrition they need.

Crisis Support

We provide families with emergency items which immediately increases their quality of life. These are mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets, clothes and cooking equipment.


We provide weekly education and training in hygiene, child development, HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, primary health care.


We work with families to help them set up a business in their community. With ongoing income, the family can provide for themselves.


Working closely with families makes it possible for them to look after their own children into the future. We give families a hand up so they can be free from poverty.


Maisha means Life and we believe Life Matters! The Maisha Matters Arusha program is in partnership with Forever Angels, Mwanza.


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