Daycare Project


At Walk In Love we are working with single parents, parents of children in orphanages and parents in poverty to provide the much needed resource of quality, affordable, local daycare for children ages 0 to 5 years.

With the help of Walk In Love, families can stay together and THRIVE.

Community Outreach

New parents with infant baby

Community Outreach is the foundation of everything we believe at Walk In Love. This is the area where we will expand the most in the coming year. Our focus is on Women’s Empowerment, Advocacy and Community Health. All of these areas are interwoven with the daycare project and school sponsorship. It is our vision that Walk In Love will be a comprehensive, sustainable, empowering organization keeping family as our focus as we help our community thrive.

School Sponsorship

Three African boys in school uniforms

The Walk in Love ‘Believe in Me’ program is designed to help lift people out of desperate poverty in Arusha, Tanzania. The aim of this program is to give severely under privileged children a head start in life.  Our team identifies children and/or families in the community that are “at risk.”  An ‘at risk’ child is one who is living in an environment where their health, well being, or educational needs are not being met due to poverty.