Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

At Walk In Love, we believe in our community. We think that empowering the community is the most important part of our organization. We are doing community outreach on multiple fronts. These are programs that will be developed more in the coming months as we establish ourselves as a community partner in the Arusha area. Our goal is to be responsive to the unique needs of our community. The needs we have identified are Women’s Empowerment, Advocacy Initiative and Community Health. All of these programs will be interwoven with the families participating in our daycare project and living in our local community. All of these resources are vital to a thriving community.

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Community Health

The Community Health outreach is part of a National outreach called Maisha Matters. Founded in Mwanza, Tanzania by Forever Angels baby home, Maisha Matters is a highly successful program to assist at risk families. Often times babies get put in orphanages after their mothers die in childbirth. Partnering with the Ministry of Social Welfare and local hospitals, the aim of Maisha Matters is to keep babies with their families from the very beginning by providing formula to families and doing weekly health education and weight checks for these at-risks infants.

Malnutrition is another huge problem facing the families in our area. Corn based porridge is the main food source. With lack of proper protein and fresh vegetables, many children suffer from malnutrition seriously effecting their health and development.

Maisha Matters empowers Tanzanian families to care for their children. Click here to read more about this program.

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Women’s Empowerment

The Women’s Empowerment program was born out of the need to support the hardworking women in our community. Women are the backbone of the Tanzanian family. Studies show that when women are supported and empowered, all of society benefits. Their families are healthier, more children go to school, agricultural productivity improves and incomes increase. In short, communities THRIVE. We are empowering women through small business loans, education and community resources such as our daycare program. With a safe place to leave their children, education in business management and a small loan, the women in our program will be able to transform their family and community and end the cycle of poverty.

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Advocacy Initiative

The Advocacy Initiative is aimed at helping those involved in other programs with Walk In Love, such as parents of the daycare project or women in the empowerment project. The main goal of advocacy is to increase the individual and family access to medical and legal resources in the community. We work to connect families and individuals to quality medical and legal resources in such a way that they are able to navigate their health and legal needs with confidence. The goal of the Medical Advocacy Initiative is to improve the access to quality local healthcare. This means decreased medical malpractice and misdiagnosis, which is so common in the Arusha healthcare system. The goal of the Legal Advocacy Initiative is to improve access to legal protection from such common practices as with-holding wages, unequal pay for women, protection for battered spouses and knowledge of rights. Our Advocacy Initiative will be a partnership between Walk In Love and other organizations specializing in these specific areas.