Kisongo Center

Welcome to the Kisongo Center

This daycare opened on January 15, 2018 in area of Kisongo (Kee-song-O), a suburb of Arusha, Tanzania. We call this, creatively, the Kisongo Center. Within three weeks of opening the Kisongo Center reached full capacity with 25 kids who come to the center Monday through Friday. In this group there are 23 families represented, with two sets of siblings. Of these families, 18 are single mother homes. Two are children of our employees and the last three come from homes where the parents are married but are severely impoverished. Our oldest child is 4.5 years and our youngest is 4 months.

Since opening, we have already had many stories of how the center is changing the lives of the families enrolled. One child who is 2 years old was on the cusp of being taken to live far away from his mother in a village so that she would be able to work. Now the child is able to come to the center and not be separated from his mother. Another set of siblings was staying alone while the mother went to sell clothes. The four-year-old sister was caring for the 10-month-old brother for 10+ hours per day. One three-year-old boy was staying with an abusive family member while his mother was working as a cleaner. Now all of these children are in a safe, supportive environment. Because of our center, many of the single mothers have reported finding jobs and are excited about being able to support their family. We are definitely helping families thrive. The families of the Kisongo Center pay 30,000 Tanzanian Shillings per month, which is approximately 10% of a typical working class income.

The center needs your help to subsidize the cost of operations. Please consider sponsoring a child or visit our donation page to make an on-line donation. Walk In Love is a registered 501c3 in the United States and all of your donations are tax deductible. Your support makes our work possible.

Photo Tour of the Kisongo Center