School Sponsorship

African children in school uniforms

Believe In Me

The Walk in Love ‘Believe in Me’ program is designed to help lift people out of desperate poverty in Arusha, Tanzania. The aim of this program is to give severely underprivileged children a head start in life.  Sponsors are updated with the development of their child and will see the benefit that your monetary gift has given him or her by providing ‘a better chance.’

The Walk in Love Team identifies children/families in the community as “at risk.”  An ‘at risk’ child is one who is living in an environment where their health, well being, or educational needs are not being met due to poverty. Almost all of our currently sponsored children started out at the original Walk in Love community center and are now attending private English medium schools.

All sponsorship donations go directly toward the education of vulnerable children in the Arusha region. You can sponsor a child for just $50 a month and help break the cycle of poverty for a whole family.